Gandhi Before India.

Guha, Ramachandra.

Picture of Gandhi Before India.
This is the first volume in a projected two volume biography. It begins with Gandhi’s birth in Gujurat in 1869 and ends with his departure from South Africa in 1914. Much of this time was spent as a lawyer and activist in Natal and the Transvaal. Most biographers have tended to skip over this period but Guha shows how, as a social reformer, popular leader, political thinker, and family man, Gandhi was fundamentally shaped by his South African experience. In turn he had a profound impact on the history of that continent, with his ideas and attitudes influencing later struggles against racism.


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Author Guha, Ramachandra.
Format HC
Publisher Knopf Publishing Group
Imprint Knopf Publishing Group
Illustrations black & white illustrations, maps, black & white plates
Publish Date 15/04/2014
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