Generals: Ten British Commanders Who Shaped the World.

Urban, Mark.

Picture of Generals: Ten British Commanders Who Shaped the World.
From gruff George Monck, servant of Parliament to John Churchill of Blenheim to JFC Fuller, tank pioneer who influenced Nazi Blitzkrieg and Soviet armoured theory, and to Monty, these are Britains notable military commanders.


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From the bestselling author of Rifles, the remarkable lives - and battles - of ten of Britain's greatest generals. Mark Urban tells the story of ten exceptional soldiers who left their mark on Britain and the world. Some - including Wellington, Kitchener and Montgomery - are names etched in British mythology. Others are more obscure figures whose achievements or failures may have had consequences quite different to those they had intended. All ten of these generals revealed either a brilliant ability or fatal flaw. Success or failure depended largely on their ability to work within Britain's Parliamentary democracy - and against tyrants, despots and emperors who were free to act alone.

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Author Urban, Mark.
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Publish Date 1/06/2006
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