Gorgeous Suppers.

Bell, Annie.

Picture of Gorgeous Suppers.
Here are over 100 recipes for the evening meal. Chapters include: Starters, Soups, Eggs ā€˜nā€™ Cheese, Carbs, Fish, Birds, Meat, Veg, Salads, and Endings. We particularly liked the Normandy Fish Pie, Conchiglie with Butternut Pumpkin and Sage Butter, and the Tomato Salad with Thyme and Sesame.


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A gorgeous supper nowadays is often the treat of the day. We've all but given up on breakfast, and lunch for many is a grab-and-go affair. But at the end of the day we get to shift gear. Time is an important factor. With Annie Bell's expertise, cooking an easy, satisfying dinner becomes something we can all accomplish. Satisfy your carb cravings with Linguine alla Carbonara; have a cosy night in with Steak and Wild Mushroom Carbonade; or lighten the mood with a classic Caesar Salad. Includes over 100 recipes.

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Author Bell, Annie.
Format PB
Publisher Kyle Books
Imprint Vincent Square Books
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations col. illustrations
Publish Date 1/09/2011
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