Gough Whitlam: His Time: The Biography Volume II.

Hocking, Jenny.

Picture of Gough Whitlam: His Time: The Biography Volume II.
Following Whitlam’s death, Hocking updated this volume, using previously unearthed archival material and interviews which confirm the involvement of Sir Anthony Mason, High Court justice, as the mysterious ‘third man’ who counselled Kerr re the dismissal. Whitlam was devastated after the dismissal and personally struggled in the unfulfilled years that followed, but was supported strongly by the love of his life, Margaret.


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Gough Whitlam, Australia's twenty-first prime minister, swept to power in December 1972, ending twenty-three years of conservative rule. In barely three years Whitlam's dramatic reform agenda would transform Australia. It was an ascendancy bitterly resented by some, never accepted by others, and ended with dismissal by the Governor-General just three years later-an outcome that polarised debate and left many believing the full story had not been told. In this much-anticipated second volume of her biography of Gough Whitlam, Jenny Hocking has used previously unearthed archival material and extensive interviews with Gough Whitlam, his family, colleagues and foes, to bring the key players in these dramatic events to life. The identity of the mysterious 'third man', who counselled the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, in his decision to sack the twice-elected Whitlam government and appoint Malcolm Fraser as prime minister is confirmed here by Kerr himself, as the High Court justice Sir Anthony Mason, and the full story of his involvement is now revealed for the first time. From Kerr's private papers Hocking details months of secret meetings and conversations between Ker

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Author Hocking, Jenny.
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