Gramma Nancy's Animal Hats (And Booties, Too!).

Nielsen, Nancy.

Picture of Gramma Nancy's Animal Hats (And Booties, Too!).
Aawww, how cute are these. And who will have more fun, the knitter or the wearer? These prize-winning hats include easy ones for beginner knitters, and fancier ones for the more experienced. The hats include a bear, owl, fish, turtle, elephant, rabbit, dog, cat, duck and many others. Would be good for school fetes as well as gifts.


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Everyone needs a hat! But why settle for just any old hat? These fun and fabulous animal hats will delight new parents, and they're a snap to knit. Sized from newborn to 12 years old, the 20 projects in this book are designed to grow with kids and become their go-to favorite hats. All the hats and booties are both beginner-friendly and budget-friendly, using machine-washable acrylic yarn and time-tested knitting techniques for quick baby shower and children's gifts. The animals offer a variety of customization options for favorite storybook characters and even mascots for kids' sports teams. Knit an elephant with hoofs, a cheeky monkey, or an adorable bunny hat with matching paws.

Book Details

Author Nielsen, Nancy.
Format PB
Publisher Random House USA Inc
Imprint Potter Craft
Number of Pages 160
Publish Date 15/11/2014
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 81