Great Figures in History: Curie: Marie Curie.

Picture of Great Figures in History: Curie: Marie Curie.
Marie Curie was a scientist. She discovered radium, a radioactive material which is used to treat cancer. This discovery earned her the Nobel Prize for Physics. She was the first woman to win this prize. Her story is told in the popular manga comic-book style which kids love.


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Throughout her career, Marie Curie, the renowned scientist and first woman to win the Nobel Prize, had to overcome the objections of her peers and the many obstacles facing an early female scientist. This is the story of her work in discovering radium and explaining the mysteries, benefits, and dangers of radioactivity that would ultimately lead to her own death. It also recounts the enormous time and resources she devoted to the cause of peace, having witnessed herself the horrors of war. Combining the exciting style of manga graphics with biography, history, and science, these dynamic accounts of great leaders are accessible and entertaining to today's children, as well as educational - each story is accompanied by a time line that puts the story's events in historical perspective. Visually stunning, this series is a beautiful illustration of important people and events, sure to hook young readers on history and the written word. Manga, one of the fastest growing segments of children's literature, is incredibly popular amongst school-age children and lends itself exceptionally well to the vivid stories in this series.

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