Harriet Said….

Bainbridge, Beryl and Grant, Linda.

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Her first novel is set just after WWII near the Formby sand dunes where Bainbridge grew up. Two thirteen year old girls make their way to the beach during the holidays where they make friends with a group of lonely, disappointed middle-aged men. One of the girls develops an unhealthy fixation on an unhappily married man with disastrous results.


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A girl returns from boarding school to her sleepy Merseyside hometown and waits to be reunited with her childhood friend, Harriet, chief architect of all their past mischief. She roams listlessly along the shoreline and the woods still pitted with wartime trenches, and encounters 'the Tsar' - almost old, unhappily married, both dangerously fascinating and repulsive. Pretty, malevolent Harriet finally arrives - and over the course of the long holidays draws her friend into a scheme to beguile then humiliate the Tsar, with disastrous, shocking consequences. A gripping portrayal of adolescent transgression, Beryl Bainbridge's classic first novel remains as subversive today as when it was written.

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Author Bainbridge, Beryl and Grant, Linda.
Format PB
Series Title Virago Modern Classics
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Virago Press Ltd
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations None
Publish Date 1/12/2012
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 198