High Tea in Mosul: The True Story of Two Englishwomen in War-Torn Iraq.

O'Donnell, Lynne.

Picture of High Tea in Mosul: The True Story of Two Englishwomen in War-Torn Iraq.
An Australian journalist meets Pauline, the British wife of an Iraqi physician when she visits a hospital in Mosul. She accepts an invitation to tea and there meets Pauline's friend Margaret who is also married to an Iraqi. Both marriages have lasted 30 years and the reader understands that most of those years have been happy despite being lived in a culture very different from the West. The sheer normalcy of family holidays, schooldays and family life is contrasted with the bombings and kidnappings under Sadam’s regime.


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In April 2003, as the war in Iraq was reaching its climax, Lynne O'Donnell was among the first Western journalists to enter into the northern city of Mosul. At the city's hospital, the senior heart surgeon introduced her to his wife - Pauline Basheer, a middle-aged mother-of-two from Lancashire who has lived in Iraq for almost 30 years. Whilst having tea, they were joined by Pauline's friend, another Englishwoman who arrived in Iraq in the mid-70s, crossing the border from Turkey with her husband, Zahir, whom she met as a student at Newcastle University.This book tells the extraordinary and emotional story of two Englishwomen, who married the Iraqi men that they met in Britain and accompanied home to Mosul. There, they assimilated, learned Arabic, raised families and lived within traditional Iraqi family structures. But they also endured the rigours of Saddam's regime: food rationing, thought police, anti-Western discrimination, and almost constant war. As well as revealing life in Iraq as never before, their stories tell an extraordinary personal journey.This is the extraordinary story of two Englishwomen who lived through the uncertainties and deprivations of Iraq under Saddam - now in paperback! This is an engaging and devastating memoir of two Englishwomen discovered in Iraq. It is a true, human-interest story told with honesty and emotion.

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Author O'Donnell, Lynne.
Format PB
Publisher Cyan Books
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Number of Pages 224
Publish Date 29/08/2008
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