Hip Snips: Your Complete Guide to Dazzling Pubic Hair.

Mitchell, Pablo.

Picture of Hip Snips: Your Complete Guide to Dazzling Pubic Hair.
Pablo has chosen 50 of his favourite pubic hairstyles for you to experiment with. Features illustrated instructions for styling your pubic hair in a variety of chic and fashionable designs including: The Landing Strip; The Chewbacca, The Bea Arthur and many more. I challenge you not to laugh out loud but he is serious!


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The Isosceles Triangle. The Charlie Chaplin. The Rising Sun. These might sound like the latest wave of trendy cocktails, but in fact they're three of today's most popular pubic hairstyles. That's right- Hip Snips will teach you how to look good-and feel great-by shaping your mons pubis into a variety of patterns and pictures. Want to embrace your animal nature? Go wild with the Chewbacca! Care for something a little more sophisticated? Class up your lady garden with the Dame Judy Dench! Feeling insecure about your manhood? Behold the incredible trompe l'oeil effect of the Dong Lengthener! Whether you're male or female, young or old, a veteran groomer or a pubie newbie, this illustrated guide will help you look hip between the hips!

Book Details

Author Mitchell, Pablo.
Format PB
Publisher Quirk Productions Inc.
Imprint Quirk Books
Number of Pages 112
Illustrations 50, Two-Colour Illustrations
Publish Date 11/02/2010
Catalogue Oct18
Catalogue book number 288