His Finest Hour.

Catherwood, Christopher.

Picture of His Finest Hour.
Winston Churchill was an iconic figure in British history. His lasting claim to fame is based upon his leadership in Britain during the Second World War, but there is a good deal more to Churchill than his heroic resistance to the Nazis. This is a challenging yet accessible reassessment of the life and career of this lion of history who was also a flawed man.


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A new and dynamic reappraisal of Winston Churchill, and his finest hour in 1940-1.Who was Winston Churchill? Even fifity years after his death he is one of the most iconic figures in British history: as a young man he was a maverick journalist, his many positions in politics before 1940 marked him out as a courageous but foolhardy man. Yet it is Churchill's record in war, which has recently been questioned, that confirms his genius as a military commander and national leader -- someone who understood the dangers of Nazi Germany before 1939; someone uniquely capable to lead the empire through the turmoil of the Second World War. Catherwood argues that it was Churchill's stand in 1940-41 that saved Britain and only he was able to bring together the allies that eventually defeated Hitler in 1945.Catherwood has produced a challenging yet accessible reassessment of the life and career of Winston Churchill, lion of British history and flawed hero.

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Author Catherwood, Christopher.
Format PB
Publisher Robinson
Number of Pages 254
Publish Date 1/01/2010
Catalogue Mar18
Catalogue book number 22