Houses by the Sea.

Graffin, Emmanuelle.

Picture of Houses by the Sea.
These houses are lovely. They are situated by the sea in all corners of the globe. Interiors and exteriors of 33 dream houses are described, and photographed in colour under the headings Cooler Seas, Temperate Seas, and Tropical Seas. The sub-headings in each comprise traditional houses, natural houses, unusual houses and contemporary houses.


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From the Baltic through the balmy Mediterranean to the tropical shores of the South Pacific, people have always aspired to live by the sea. This book showcases over 30 exceptional houses from around the world in a variety of styles, from traditional wooden fishing huts to dazzling 21st-century creations. Whether looking out to the ocean, perched on a clifftop or nestled in a rocky hollow, each of these homes relates to its environment in a unique way, and each has its own special atmosphere reflecting the needs and lifestyles of its owners. As refreshing as an ocean breeze, this trip to the world's coasts will inspire and engage all readers who dream of living where the land meets the sea.

Book Details

Author Graffin, Emmanuelle.
Format PB
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 224
Illustrations 424 illustrations, 409 in colour
Publish Date 26/09/2011
Catalogue Jan19
Catalogue book number 26