How Literature Saved My Life.

Shields, David.

Picture of How Literature Saved My Life.
The author has written thirteen previous books including the best seller, The Thing About Life is that One Day You Will Be Dead

. Here he explores the power of literature to make life survivable, even endurable. An original way of thinking about the essential acts of reading and writing.


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"Reading "How Literature Saved My Life "is like getting to listen in on a really great, smart, provocative conversation. The book is not straightforward, it resists any single interpretation, and it seems to me to constitute nothing less than a new form." --Whitney Otto In this wonderfully intelligent, stunningly honest, painfully funny book, acclaimed writer David Shields uses himself as a representative for all readers and writers who seek to find salvation in literature. Blending confessional criticism and anthropological autobiography, Shields explores the power of literature (from Blaise Pascal's "PensEes "to Maggie Nelson's "Bluets, " Renata Adler's "Speedboat" to Proust's" Remembrance of Things Past") to make life survivable, maybe even endurable. Shields evokes his deeply divided personality (his "ridiculous" ambivalence), his character flaws, his woes, his serious despairs. Books are his life raft, but when they come to feel un-lifelike and archaic, he revels in a new kind of art that is based heavily on quotation and consciousness. And he shares with us a final irony: he wants "literature to assuage human loneliness, but nothing can assuage human loneliness. Literature doesn't lie about this--which is what makes it essential." A captivating, thought-provoking, utterly original way of thinking about the essential acts of reading and writing.

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Author Shields, David.
Format HC
Publisher Random House USA Inc
Imprint Random House Inc
Number of Pages 207
Illustrations black & white illustrations
Publish Date 1900/01/00
Catalogue Jun16
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