How Not to Read: Harnessing the Power of a Literature-Free Life.

Wilbur, Dan.

Picture of How Not to Read: Harnessing the Power of a Literature-Free Life.
The author is a comedian and a bookseller and this is an hilarious guide to pretending you have read the greatest literary works of all time 'just by running your vacant eyes over a few of the next 200 pages.' Provides you with techniques to fake your way through the classics and the not-so-classics so you will appear smarter and more appealing to people who are way out of your league.


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The Last Stupid Book You ll Ever Need to Read Don t want to slog through lengthy old books like "A Tale of Two Cities" or "The Giving Tree"? Sick of being judged by your avid-reader friends who talk about books you ve never heard of? Want to sound smarter without the strain of actually bettering yourself? Never fear. In How Not to Read, you ll find techniques to fake your way through literature so you never have to read another book ever! Inside, you ll find: Tips for getting through anything you have to read by reading faster: Just read every third word. (One Hundred Years of Solitude becomes Many as the Colonel was, that when him ice. Wow! It s like a Gertrude Stein poem only more comprehensible!) Entire genres summed up in a single page Historical fiction becomes Guess who else had sex: Hitler! Literary insults to make yourself seem smarter The only thing sadder than you is a Joycean epiphany! You re as weak as a passive sentence written in negative form. And probably not considered by anyone to be worth more than an adverb. It s time to stop fearing those people who keep bringing up Ayn Rand. "How Not to Read" is here to liberate the world from ever needing to read a book again."

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Author Wilbur, Dan.
Format PB
Publisher Perigee Books
Imprint Perigee Books
Number of Pages 184
Illustrations illustrations
Publish Date 2012/09/04
Catalogue LAug6
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