How To Be a Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Tudor Life.

Goodman, Ruth.

Picture of How To Be a Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Tudor Life.
They didn’t wash, so did they stink to high heaven? Apparently not if one wore pure linen! This is an extremely readable, factual, well-researched, and often humorous guide to everyday Tudor life that is to be recommended for history and Tudor period buffs in particular. It is very much centred on the life of the working people, with a dash of life at court thrown in. If you've ever wanted to know how to starch a ruff, make pottage, or construct Tudor underwear, you'll love it.


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On the heels of her triumphant How to Be a Victorian, Ruth Goodman travels even further back in English history to the era closest to her heart, the dramatic period from the crowning of Henry VII to the death of Elizabeth I. Drawing on her own adventures living in re-created Tudor conditions, Goodman serves as our intrepid guide to sixteenth-century living. Proceeding from daybreak to bedtime, this charming, illustrative work celebrates the ordinary lives of those who labored through the era. From sounding the "hue and cry" to alert a village to danger to malting grain for homemade ale, from the gruesome sport of bear-baiting to cuckolding and cross-dressing-the madcap habits and revealing intimacies of life in the time of Shakespeare are vividly rendered for the insatiably curious.

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Author Goodman, Ruth.
Format HC
Publisher WW Norton & Co
Imprint Liveright Publishing Corporation
Number of Pages 336
Illustrations 8 pages of color illustrations
Publish Date 15/02/2016
Catalogue Mid19
Catalogue book number 141