How To Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom.

Carlin, Patricia.

Picture of How To Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom.
Unlock the secrets of grooming your kitty for success. Find out how to create an amazing video which will go viral. Learn how to manage your cat’s stardom. Get serious about your future. Put every cent you have into making your cat an internet sensation, and tap into your moggie’s innate money-generating potential. Illustrated with colour photographs.


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For decades, we believed the keys to personal wealth were a college diploma and marketable job skills-but no more. Today, your best hope for financial security is literally right at your feet- it's your cat. The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for cats to become superstar opersonalitieso and global multimedia brands-but how can a human cash in? How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity has the answers. Readers will learn the secrets of grooming their kitty for success, creating a terrific viral video, and making the most of the famous feline's fifteen minutes. With practical yet tongue-in-cheek advice, this get-rich-quick guide for the modern era celebrates the brightest stars of the Internet and gives you everything you need to follow in their venerable pawprints.

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Author Carlin, Patricia.
Format PB
Publisher Quirk Books
Imprint Quirk Books
Number of Pages 128
Publish Date 1/04/2014
Catalogue Nov18
Catalogue book number 177