How to Read Freud.

Cohen, Josh and Critchley, Simon.

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It wil help you experience the pleasure and intellectual stimulation of reading Sigmund Freud's work. There are extracts of his writing about psychoanalytic thinking which are looked at in detail to reveal his central ideas...neuroses, the unconscious, words, death, and (of course) sex.


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Approaching the writing of major intellectuals, artists, and philosophers need no longer be daunting. How to Read is a new sort of introduction--a personal master class in reading--that brings you face to face with the work of some of the most influential and challenging writers in history. In lucid, accessible language, these books explain essential topics such as Freud's core conviction that our innermost truths manifest only as distortions.

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Author Cohen, Josh and Critchley, Simon.
Format PB
Series Title How to Read
Publisher WW Norton & Co
Imprint WW Norton & Co
Number of Pages 128
Publish Date 17/09/2005
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 271