How to Think Like da Vinci.

Smith, Daniel.

Picture of How to Think Like da Vinci.
Smith invites us to explore Leonardo’s unique approach to creativity, art and science in order to reveal how we can apply his methods to all areas in our lives. Be inspired to follow in his footsteps as you learn to: seize your opportunities, innovate and experiment, imagine the impossible, and bridge art and science.


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Famed for creating some of the most iconic images in European art, Leonardo da Vinci has influenced generations of artists and continues to do so after more than 500 years. While we cannot hope to emulate his achievements, da Vinci showed an attitude towards life from which we can all learn. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, da Vinci was never satisfied with what he had learned, always finding new paths to investigate and preferring to learn through experience. He saw links between art and science, and constantly pursued perfection and accuracy in his work, which continues to inspire awe to this day. Combining these strengths with a powerful imagination, da Vinci was able to come up with designs for inventions centuries ahead of their time. In How to Think Like da Vinci, you too can learn how to investigate the facts and pursue knowledge, set yourself boundless goals, strive for perfection and accuracy in everything you do, take pride in your work and harness your imagination. Learn about this great man's life and achievements and develop your understanding of one of the world's most eclectic and extraordinary minds.

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Author Smith, Daniel.
Format HC
Publisher Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
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Number of Pages 224
Publish Date 8/10/2015
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