How Weather Works: Understanding the Elements.

Chaboud, Rene.

Picture of How Weather Works: Understanding the Elements.
An intriguing look at the evolution of meteorology and weather prediction (no, they don’t just look out the window). Explains how forecasters predict whether it will rain tomorrow, how a cloud forms, and discusses warnings about the greenhouse effect. All very well illustrated in colour and b/w.


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This is an exploration of aspects of weather and meteorology, from the beliefs of the ancient Greeks to today's sophisticated techniques.

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Author Chaboud, Rene.
Format PB
Series Title New Horizons S.
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 160
Illustrations 217 illustrations, 173 in colour
Publish Date 22/04/1996
Catalogue Sep17
Catalogue book number 96