I Totally Don't Want to Play!

Bonwill, Ann and Rickerty, Simon.

Picture of I Totally Don't Want to Play!
Bella is a little bird. Cressida is a crocodile. Hugo is a hippopotamus. Hugo is disappointed Bella is going to play with Cressida in the playground instead of going skating with him. Hugo goes to the playground too. It takes him some time, but he eventually has fun with his friends. Ages 3 and up.


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Hugo the hippo has his routine. He always goes skating with Bella the bird. In fact he always does everything with Bella. So when Bella makes a new friend and announces she's going to the playground with Cressida (a crocodile) instead, Hugo feels a bit miffed. Once at the playground, everything seems to be made for two - the swings, the see-saw, even playing leapfrog. And whichever way the friends pair up, there's always someone who feels left out. But there is something that they can all enjoy together and, when they discover it, it proves that three really is better than two! With wonderfully quirky illustrations from new talent Simon Rickerty and a great read-aloud text, this is a made-for-sharing picture book.

Book Details

Author Bonwill, Ann and Rickerty, Simon.
Format HC
Publish Date 0/01/1900
Catalogue Nov18
Catalogue book number 75