I Want to Be Her! How Friends and Strangers Helped Shape My Style.

Linett, Andrea.

Picture of I Want to Be Her! How Friends and Strangers Helped Shape My Style.
The fashionista introduces us to the passing strangers, casual friends, and close confidantes who made fashion impressions on her throughout her life. Childhood, High School, the Hamptons, College, and the Magazine Years are her headings, and she says that every day she stops in her tracks and thinks ‘Wow, she really knows what she’s doing,’ while walking to work, sitting in a restaurant or shopping around. The fashion illustrations are gorgeous, and reflect exactly what Linett is saying.


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I Want to Be Her! is part memoir and part illustrated fashion guide, written by one of fashion's most accessible, trusted, and inspiring writers. Andrea Linett, the cofounder of Lucky magazine, shares her personal story of growing up and finding her way to fashion, and the figures who guided her along the way. Through short descriptions and memories, we meet 50 women across five eras of her life-some passing strangers, some casual friends, some close confidantes-who each made a lasting impression and helped her form her own personal style. In addition, each woman is captured in an illustration by Linett's longtime collaborator, Anne Johnston Albert, and fashion tips accompany each entry.Praise for I Want to Be Her!:"The book is beautiful. Who would expect anything less?" -The New York Post"Andrea Linett . . . is no stranger to noticing great style: In her new book, I Want to Be Her!, she recalls in amazing detail the well-dressed ladies who have helped shape her personal fashion sense." -Time Out New York"If you've ever fallen in love with a stranger's cool, je ne sais quoi style or subtly copied the way your girlfriend dressed on your last girls' night out, you'll love Andrea Linett's new book, I Want to Be Her! How Friends & Strangers Helped Shape My Style." -Glamour.com"You'll walk away with handy tips to help define your style, too." -The Plain Dealer"From her addictive and captivating site, I Want To Be Her, Linett now presents a beautiful, printed tome of the same name." -Refinery29

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Author Linett, Andrea.
Format HC
Publisher Abrams
Imprint Abrams Image
Number of Pages 160
Illustrations col. Illustrations
Publish Date 1/09/2012
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 12