In the Realm of A Dying Emperor.

Field, Norma.

Picture of In the Realm of A Dying Emperor.
He uncovers a Japan rarely seen by Westerners, as he reflects upon the death of the Emperor Hirohito who died in 1989. Japanese newspapers had to use a special exalted word to refer to his death and had to depict his life uncritically. But there were dissenters, including a supermarket owner who burnt the national flag, and the Mayor of Nagasaki who dared suggest that Hirohito bore some responsibility for WWII.


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Norma Field reveals the hidden fault lines in the realm of Emperor Hirohoto by telling the stories of three unlikely dissenters: a supermarket owner, an aging widow, and the mayor of Nagasaki.

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Author Field, Norma.
Format PB
Publisher Random House USA Inc
Imprint Vintage Books
Number of Pages 280
Publish Date 9/03/1993
Catalogue Sep18
Catalogue book number 23