Instant Expert: Lingerie.

Racco, Marilisa.

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Who doesn't love gorgeous lingerie. This wonderful guide to the subject (we are talking quality and luxury here) looks at styles, the right lingerie for your shape, lingerie drawer essentials, luxury lingerie, specialist brands, plus-size lingerie, bespoke lingerie, corsetry, nightwear and loungewear, lingerie online and more. Lovely.


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Being comfortable in your clothes is important, but how you feel underneath them may matter even more. Slipping on lingerie can transform the mundane daily routine of getting dressed into a quietly luxurious experience. Lingerie is a chic guide to fashion's most exquisite undergarments, offering impeccable advice on fit, style, and fabric as well as profiles of the most celebrated lingerie designers. Small enough to toss into a handbag and take shopping, this book is your key to discovering the creme de la creme of the lingerie world."

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Author Racco, Marilisa.
Format HC
Series Title Instant Expert (Princeton Architectural Press)
Publisher Princeton Architectural Press
Imprint Princeton Architectural Press
Number of Pages 144
Illustrations colour illustrations
Publish Date 2013/12/31
Catalogue Jan16
Catalogue book number 21