Introduction to International Human Resource Management.

Crawley, Eileen et al.

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Human resources, which uses to be known as Personnel Management, is today studied at tertiary level and is of great importance to how organisations plan and manage their staff. This looks at the changing business environment, national culture and institutional differences, the decisions organisations have to make and the dilemmas they face when implementing HR practices and policies internationally. From OUP.


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Introduction to International Human Resource Management is an ideal introduction to international human resource management. Accessible language and real-life examples are employed, and no prior understanding of HRM or labour economics is assumed. This makes the text perfectly suited for the large number of students who do not hold an undergraduate degree in business or HRM, or for whom English is not their first language. The text will also be welcomed by students who have taken an introductory module in HRM but would like to be reminded of the core concepts before exploring how these work in an international context. A wide range of examples is explored from countries such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Japan and Bangladesh as well as from the UK and USA. Discussion activities are embedded throughout the text to encourage a critical approach to the subject. A glossary of terms is provided for ease of reference. The book is clearly structured in two parts. The comparative approach in Part 1 ensures the student understands the implications of the changing business environment on IHRM, demonstrating the importance of national culture and institutional differences and how this informs the debates and theories. Part 2 presents the practice of IHRM, showing the decisions organizations have to make, and the dilemmas they face when implementing HRM policy and practice. The table of contents has been designed to map closely to courses. A chapter on international talent management explores a particularly 'hot topic' in HRM, which is under-represented in existing texts. The final chapter on the 'dark side' of international human resource management takes a critical approach and uncovers the exploitation that can occur within this area, again something that is under-discussed in other texts.

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Author Crawley, Eileen et al.
Format PB
Publisher Oxford University Press
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Publish Date 7/03/2013
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