Islands: From Atlantas to Zanzibar.

Fischer, Steven Roger.

Picture of Islands: From Atlantas to Zanzibar.
There are more than a million islands on earth. The first two chapters examine island geology and biology. The rest of the book looks at history, economics, politics, literature, art, and psychology. Islands have ‘...cradled and enriched, thrilled and lured, terrified and inspired.’ Whether describing colossal or compact islands this is a wonderful global introduction to them. The author lives on one of our favourite islands, Waiheke, a ferry ride from Auckland.


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Historian, linguist, philologist, island expert and long-time islanddweller Steven Roger Fischer reveals how since time began islands have been one of the primary birthplaces for plants, animals and proto-humans. He shows how these same islets and eyots of stone and sand - whether in ocean, lake or river - fostered our species, Homo sapiens, who then exploited these remarkable habitats as stepping-stones to global dominion. Seeding our imagination from Atlantis to Tahiti, from Treasure Island to Jurassic Park, islands have cradled and enriched, thrilled and lured, terrified and inspired. Encompassing many aspects of geology, biology and culture, from island economics, warfare and politics to literature, art and psychology, Islands chronicles how these isolated mini-worlds are, ultimately, a measure of humankind itself.

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Author Fischer, Steven Roger.
Format HC
Publisher Reaktion Books
Imprint Reaktion Books
Number of Pages 352
Illustrations 10 black & white illustrations
Publish Date 31/08/2012
Catalogue Nov17
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