Jumbo: The Greatest Elephant in the World.

Chambers, Paul.

Picture of Jumbo: The Greatest Elephant in the World.
Narrates the remarkable, sad life of the ‘superstar of the Victorian era'. For many years Jumbo was ‘the Children’s Pet’ at the London Zoo. But then the creature was purchased by P.T. Barnum for his ‘Greatest Show on Earth.’ He was a sensation. His death in a railway accident left his keeper, Matthew Scott, with whom Jumbo had had a moving relationship, inconsolable.


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Book Details

Author Chambers, Paul.
Format PB
Publisher Steerforth Press
Imprint Steerforth Press
Number of Pages 224
Illustrations Plates, color; Plates, black and white; Illustrations, black and white
Publish Date 3/02/2009
Catalogue Apr19
Catalogue book number 78