Just Brick It.

Scarfe, David.

Picture of Just Brick It.
Aimed at the adult fan of Lego, I’m sure many kids would enjoy it too. Following the detailed instructions, you can make all sorts of items…bookends, plant pots, fish tanks, a bear-skin rug , a rubber duck, flying ducks, a giant key holder and more. Many are quick and easy, others hold a more satisfying challenge. Colour pictures throughout.


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From a flame shaped toast holder to Tetris fridge magnets, Just Brick It is the LEGO-lovers guide to all the best projects never included in a standard LEGO manual. For kids and big kids whose LEGO collections are missing a few key components (ie. the manuals) this book includes 50 quirky and retro projects, including useful objects for the home, Christmas decorations, and stylish art and design ideas, this is a fun, practical, and gloriously silly guide. Detailed yet easy-to-follow instructions guide the LEGO afficionado through each step of a LEGO masterpieces. This hugely entertaining yet challenging book proves that Lego is most definitely not just for kids!

Book Details

Author Scarfe, David.
Format HC
Publisher Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
Imprint LOM Art
Number of Pages 128
Publish Date 1/10/2015
Catalogue Aug18
Catalogue book number 169