Les Miserables.

Williams, Marcia (ed.).

Picture of Les Miserables.
She provides a gifted re-telling of the famous story, illustrated cartoon-style, which will resonate with the younger reader. In 19th century France, ex-convict Jean Valjean struggles to put his criminal past behind him. The ruthless Inspector Javert is determined to see Valjean behind bars again, even though he tries to build a new life with his adopted daughter, Cosette.


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A beautifully illustrated retelling of Victor Hugo's masterpiece. A wonderful introduction to Victor Hugo's epic tale of injustice, love and heroism in 19th century France. Marcia Williams retells one of the greatest novels of all time in her trademark accessible, highly illustrated style. Perfect for children who love the musical or Oscar-winning film, the story follows Jean Valjean, an ex-convict, as he tries to put his criminal past behind him. Will he manage to escape from the ruthless Police Inspector Javert, who is determined to see him behind bars again? Can he build a life with Cosette, an orphaned girl he has rescued from poverty and neglect? When Cosette grows up and falls in love with the handsome Marius Pontmercy, will Jean Valjean let Cosette go? Or will the revolution that is sweeping through the streets of Paris tear all their lives apart?

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Author Williams, Marcia (ed.).
Format PB
Publisher Walker Books Ltd
Imprint Walker Books Ltd
Number of Pages 64
Publish Date 1/08/2015
Catalogue Jun19
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