Letters to the Editor: A Miscellany: From the Pages of Country Life.

Carter, Sam et al (eds.).

Picture of Letters to the Editor: A Miscellany: From the Pages of Country Life.
From the archives, this collection contains gems from readers since Victorian times onwards on a diverse range of subjects: Do Dogs Think? Do Dogs See Ghosts? Suggestions for Collecting Rainwater; Singing Mice; The Evolution of the Golf Ball; Letters from the Front, and much more. These anecdotes bring other eras vividly to life.


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Readers of Country Lifehave always been eager to share their knowledge of all aspects of life in Britain. Among the letters published each week in the magazine are to be found a delightfully varied collection of musings on rural life, regional oddities, curious objects, favoured pets and even puzzles. Selecting from hundreds of thousands of letters from the first sixty or so years of the magazine's existence, here is the creme de la creme. Beautifully presented, and illustrated with photos and illustrations (often startling in their originality, eccentricity or both) sent in by readers themselves, this is a book to dip into time and again, and every visit guarantees pleasure, laughter and surprise. And among the responses, from other readers and from the magazine's editors, can be found astonishingly well informed and wise advice on everything from sundials to dog food that still stands the test of time.

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Author Carter, Sam et al (eds.).
Format HC
Publisher Simon & Schuster Ltd
Imprint Simon & Schuster Ltd
Number of Pages 256
Illustrations B-w illustrations throughout
Publish Date 1/10/2012
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