Picture of The Schooldays of Jesus.

The Schooldays of Jesus.

Coetzee, J. M.

Simon and Ines take care of 7-year old David in their new country. David is learning the l...

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Picture of Blood Kin.

Blood Kin.

Dovey, Ceridwen.

A haunting novel, written with meticulous care and precision, it was shortlisted for the D...

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Picture of Hope Farm.

Hope Farm.

Frew, Peggy.

In 1985 Silver's mother, Ishtar falls for the charismatic Miller. The three of them move t...

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Picture of Carry Me Down.

Carry Me Down.

Hyland, M.J.

A title in the Text Classics series, it tells the story of 11-year-old John Egan who lives...

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Picture of English Humour for Beginners.

English Humour for Beginners.

Mikes, George.

He identifies understatement, self- deprecation, and cruelty as the three essential elemen...

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Picture of Madame Maigret's Friend.

Madame Maigret's Friend.

Simenon, Georges.

Madame Maigret makes the acquaintance of a young woman with a small child. One day as they...

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Picture of The Best of Adam Sharp.

The Best of Adam Sharp.

Simsion, Graeme.

After 22 years, Angelina, an old love of Adam’s, sends him a one-word e-mail - Hi

. A...

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Picture of My Name is Leon.

My Name is Leon.

De Waal, Kit.

When Leon is nine his brother Jake is born. They have to go and live with Maureen, not the...

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Picture of The Wretched.

The Wretched.

Hugo, Victor.

Jean Valjean stole a single loaf of bread to feed his sister's starving family. By the tim...

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