Picture of The Sound.

The Sound.

Drummond, Sarah.

In the 1820s, seal hunters from many nations sailed the southern waters of Australia plund...

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Picture of The Surfacing.

The Surfacing.

James, Cormac.

In 1850 the brig Impetus

is dispatched to the Arctic in search of Franklin's lost ex...

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Picture of The Healing Party.

The Healing Party.

Lee, Micheline.

Natasha is estranged from her family, but one day gets a call from her sister who tells he...

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Picture of The Toymaker.

The Toymaker.

Pieper, Liam.

Adam Kulakov is on the right side of middle age; the toy company he owns brightens the liv...

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Picture of Dark Fires Shall Burn.

Dark Fires Shall Burn.

Westbrook, Anna.

This seductive tale is set in Sydney in 1946. Eleven-year old Frances and her friend Nancy...

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