Picture of Fishing in the Styx.

Fishing in the Styx.

Park, Ruth.

She married fellow journalist and author D’Arcy Niland in 1942 after moving from New Zeala...

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Picture of Middle England.

Middle England.

Coe, Jonathan.

His vivid novel follows a fascinating cast of characters through a time of great change in...

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Picture of Felix Culpa: A Novel.

Felix Culpa: A Novel.

Gavron, Jeremy.

The well-read among you will think this unusually interesting. It is the story of a boy re...

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Picture of Chemistry.


Wang, Weike.

Three years into her post-graduate degree at Harvard, with a loving relationship with a de...

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Picture of The Helpline.

The Helpline.

Collette, Katherine.

Germaine Johnson loses her job as senior mathematician for an insurance company and takes ...

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Picture of Hare's Fur.

Hare's Fur.

Shearston, Trevor.

Russell Bass is a potter in the Blue Mountains, leading a lonely life after his wife’s dea...

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Picture of Comeback.


Tanner, Lindsay.

Jack is a Melbourne taxi driver. In his mid-50s his existence is lonely and drab. But he i...

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Picture of Song of Myself.

Song of Myself.

Whitman, Walt and Mitchell, Stephen.

Although our favourite Whitman poem is Song of the Open Road

, this undeniable classi...

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