Live and Let Fry.

Williams, Sue.

Picture of Live and Let Fry.
Another in her wonderful series of comedy crime novels, set in the town of Rusty Bore, population 147. Cass Tuplin, proprietor of the town takeaway, is taken aback when her neighbour, Venn, acquires a lady friend, Joanne. Things get weird when Venn asks Cass to look into the case of a dozen dead rats dumped on Joanne’s doorstep. Then Joanne goes missing, and it appears her past was most unsavoury…


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For Cass Tuplin, proprietor of the Rusty Bore Takeaway (and definitely not an unlicensed private investigator), it's weird enough that her neighbour Vern's somehow acquired a lady friend. But then he asks Cass to look into the case of the dead rats someone's dumped on Joanne's doorstep. She's barely started when Joanne goes missing, leaving hints of an unsavoury past. Then a private investigator from Melbourne turns up asking questions about Joanne's involvement in a fatal house fire - and before you can say 'unauthorised investigation' Cass is back on the case.

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Author Williams, Sue.
Format PB
Publisher Text Publishing Co
Imprint The Text Publishing Company
Number of Pages 304
Publish Date 30/04/2018
Catalogue Jan19
Catalogue book number 1040