Lives in Ruins: Archaeologists and the Seductive Lure of Human Rubble.

Johnson, Marilyn.

Picture of Lives in Ruins: Archaeologists and the Seductive Lure of Human Rubble.
The world of archaeologists is a strange one …they work in ruins, under meltingly hot sun, endlessly sifting through dirt. They are driven by a love of history and the race to secure evidence ahead of floods and bombs, looters, thieves, and bulldozers. Written with wit and curiosity she tracks a wild cast of archaeologists around the globe. It will totally fascinate you.


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Finding Life in RuinsJump into a battered Indiana Jones-style Jeep with the intrepid Marilyn Johnson and head down bone-rattling roads in search of those who dig up the past. Johnson, the author of two acclaimed books about quirky subcultures-The Dead Beat (about obituary writers) and This Book Is Overdue! (about librarians)-brings her irrepressible wit and curiosity to bear on yet another strange world, that of archaeologists. Who chooses to work in ruins What's the allure of sifting through layers of dirt under a hot sun Why do archaeologists care so passionately about what's dead and buried-and why should weJohnson tracks archaeologists around the globe from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, from Newport, Rhode Island to Machu Picchu. She digs alongside experts on an eighteenth-century sugar plantation and in a first-century temple to Apollo. She hunts for bodies with forensics archaeologists in the vast and creepy Pine Barrens of New Jersey, drinks beer with an archaeologist of ancient beverages, and makes stone tools like a caveman. By turns amusing and profound, Lives in Ruins and its wild cast of characters find new ways to consider what is worth salvaging from our past.Archaeologists are driven by the love of history and the race to secure its evidence ahead of floods and bombs, looters and thieves, and before the bulldozers move in. Why spend your life in ruins To uncover our hidden stories before they disappear.

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Author Johnson, Marilyn.
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Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Inc
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Number of Pages 288
Publish Date 20/10/2014
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