London's Triumph: Merchant Adventurers and the Tudor City..

Alford, Stephen.

Picture of London's Triumph: Merchant Adventurers and the Tudor City..
His brilliant account of Tudor London shows us a city undergoing a dizzying commercial transformation. Like today, it was a city contending with immigration, religious differences, and the threat of violence. It is a story of ‘…money, wealth, poverty, self-confidence, greed, tenacity and remarkable happenstance.’


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Life in Europe was fundamentally changed in the 16th century by the astonishing discoveries of the New World and of direct sea routes to Asia. To start with England was hardly involved and London remained a gloomy, introverted medieval city. But as the century progressed something extraordinary happened. Stephen Alford's evocative, original and fascinating new book brings to life the network of merchants, visionaries, crooks and sailors who changed London forever. London's Triumph is above all about the people who made this possible - the families, the guild members, the money-men who were willing to risk huge sums and sometimes their own lives in pursuit of the rare, exotic and desirable. Their ambitions fuelled a new view of the world - initiating a long era of trade and empire, the consequences of which we still live with today.

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Author Alford, Stephen.
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Publish Date 5/04/2018
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