Lucy's Magic Snow Globe.

Booth, Anne and Williams, Sophy.

Picture of Lucy's Magic Snow Globe.
It is ideal for children who love animals. When Lucy finds a tiny baby rabbit all alone and with a nasty cut on his leg she wraps him in a warm jumper and brings him home to look after him. She wants to heal him and find his warren so she can return him to his family for Christmas. When she makes a wish holding her favourite snow globe, amazing things begin to happen. Very sweet.


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Lucy - Make a wish on the magic snow globe. You can save Christmas!Lucy has found a tiny baby rabbit, injured and all alone.With a house full of visitors, looking after him is going to be difficult, and it seems like only a miracle can save him. But with the help of her special snow globe, and a sprinkle of magic, Lucy might just reunite him with his own family in time for Christmas Day.

Book Details

Author Booth, Anne and Williams, Sophy.
Format PB
Publisher Oxford University Press
Imprint Oxford University Press
Number of Pages 160
Illustrations B/W
Publish Date 17/09/2015
Catalogue Feb19
Catalogue book number 64