Mail Obsession: A Journey Round Britain by Postcode.

Mason, Mark.

Picture of Mail Obsession: A Journey Round Britain by Postcode.
He has assembled a history of the UK containing at least one fact from each of its 124 postcode areas. It is all about discovery, the joy of the new and the unencountered, a mix of fact, anecdote, and overheard conversations. Along the way he discovers why the Jack Russell terrier has a white coat, what the Queen carries in her handbag, and that the toothbrush was invented in London’s most notorious prison.


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'FASCINATING' Daily Mail 'FULL OF AMAZING FACTS' The QI Elves Each of the United Kingdom's 124 postcode areas has a story to tell, an unexpected nugget to dust off and treasure. Mark Mason has embarked on a tour of the country, immersing himself in Britain's history on a roundabout journey from AB to ZE. On the lookout for interesting place names and unusual monuments, along the way he discovers what the Queen keeps in her handbag, why the Jack Russell has a white coat and how Jimi Hendrix got confused by the M1. At the same time Mason paints an affectionate portrait of Britain in the 21st century, from aggressive seagulls in Blackpool to 'seasoned' drinkers in Surrey. And his travels offer the perfect opportunity to delve into the history of the Royal Mail, complete with pillar boxes, posties and Penny Reds - plus Oscar Wilde's unconventional method of posting a letter. A playful mix of fact, anecdote and overheard conversation, MAIL OBSESSION pays homage to Britain's wonderful past and its curious present.

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Author Mason, Mark.
Format PB
Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Number of Pages 272
Publish Date 1/01/2015
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 312