Man and Woman: An Inside Story.

Pfaff, Donald W.

Picture of Man and Woman: An Inside Story.
Explains how, when and why males and females come to behave differently by giving a genetic, molecular, endocrine and neurophysiological base for potential sex differences. He also considers issues such as pre- and post-natal stress and lousy treatment at puberty. He believes '…gender role choices are flexible, reversible and non dichotomous, especially in modern societies.'


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The saga of sex differences in brain and behavior begins with a tiny sperm swimming toward a huge egg, to contribute its tiny Y chromosome plus its copies of the other chromosomes. Genetic, anatomic and physiologic alterations in the male ensue, making his brain and behavior different in specific respects from his sister. Brain-wise, specific cell groups develop differently in males compared to females, in some cases right after birth and in other cases at puberty. But genetics and neuroanatomy do not dominate the scene. Prenatal stress, postnatal stress and lousy treatment at puberty all can affect males and females in different ways. The upshot of all these genetic and environmental factors produces small sex differences in certain abilities and huge sex differences in feelings, in pain and in suffering. Put this all together and the reader will see that biological and cultural influences on gender roles operate at so many different levels to influence behavioral mechanisms that gender role choices are flexible, reversible and non-dichotomous, especially in modern societies.

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Author Pfaff, Donald W.
Format HC
Publisher Oxford University Press
Number of Pages 226
Publish Date 1900/01/00
Catalogue May16
Catalogue book number 287