Middle England.

Coe, Jonathan.

Picture of Middle England.
His vivid novel follows a fascinating cast of characters through a time of great change in Britain ‘…a time of nostalgia and delusion and of bewilderment and barely supressed rage.’ They include Benjamin who begins an uncertain new career, his father Colin, whose last wish is to vote in the European referendum, Doug a political commentator who fulminates about austerity from his luxury Chelsea home, and newlyweds Sophie and Ian who disagree not only about the country’s future but also their own.


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Set in the Midlands and London over the last eight years, Jonathan Coe follows a brilliantly vivid cast of characters through a time of immense change and disruption in Britain.

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Author Coe, Jonathan.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Imprint Viking
Number of Pages 432
Publish Date 8/11/2018
Catalogue Mid19
Catalogue book number 6530