Most Beautiful Villages of New England.

Shachtman, Tom.

Picture of Most Beautiful Villages of New England.
A beautifully photographed celebration of over 20 towns and villages, chosen for their beauty and history, they range from weathered little fishing villages to famous summer watering holes to isolated hamlets on islands and highlands, and towns that grew up being central to farmlands. They are some of America’s most cherished, ideal, ‘Norman Rockwell’ style towns.


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Cherished as the birthplace of the American Revolution, the six states which make up the region known as New England are home to some of the oldest and most beautiful villages of the United States. From the fishing villages of the rocky Atlantic coast to the hardy upland communities of the Adirondack mountains, these places preserve and reflect America's rich architectural and cultural legacy in public meeting halls and churches, 19th-century industrial mills and factories, seaside homes in weathered grey shingle, austerely white clapboard houses around village greens, and exuberent Victorian homes. This book presents over 25 villages and small towns, chosen for their beauty and historical significance and for the way they represent the region's diverse landscape. The photographs aim to capture the phenomenon of New England's seasons. It comes with a map and a traveller's guide.

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Author Shachtman, Tom.
Format HC
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 208
Illustrations 240 colour illustrations
Publish Date 1/09/1997
Catalogue Jun19
Catalogue book number 315