Murder and Mayhem in North London.

Howse, Geoffrey.

Picture of Murder and Mayhem in North London.
These long-forgotten events made headlines in their day. They include Britain’s first railway murder, the first criminal to be caught using wireless telegraphy, a foreign anarchist and his trail of murder after a Tottenham factory wage snatch, a body in an Islington warehouse cellar, the shooting of a vicar in Stamford Hill, and a burned corpse in a Camden Town shed. This social and criminal history of north London makes fascinating, if grim, reading.


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Geoffrey Howse delves into the his crime files covering 200 years of the area's darkest past. Events covered include long forgotten cases that made the headlines in their day as well as others more famous: Britain's first railway murder, the first criminal to be caught via wireless telegraphy and the anarchists who left a trail of murder and mayhem following a raid on a Tottenham factory. There are many other cases to appeal to anyone with an interest in the local and social history of North London.

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Author Howse, Geoffrey.
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Publisher Pen & Sword Books Ltd
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Publish Date 30/05/2010
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