My Donkey Benjamin.

Limmer, Hans.

Picture of My Donkey Benjamin.
Susi lives on an island with her family. One day she and her Daddy find a little baby donkey and take it home. They feed it well and it becomes Susi’s pet, and her best friend. She washes his face every morning, they play wonderful games all day and they sleep next to each other at night. But one day Benjamin disappears, and Susi sets out to find him.


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Susi and her family used to live in a big city full of cars, highways, and buildings. Now they live on a small island in the Mediterranean, which is full of much more interesting things- butterflies, snakes, fishing boats, and a Benjamin the donkey. Benjamin and Susi are best friends. She washes his face each morning, they play wonderful games all day, and they sleep next to each other every night. Until one day, Benjamin disappears . . .

Book Details

Author Limmer, Hans.
Format HC
Publisher Scribe Publications
Imprint Scribe Publications
Number of Pages 48
Publish Date 28/11/2016
Catalogue Sep17
Catalogue book number 9007