Myths and Legends: The War of Horus and Set.

McIntee, David A.

Picture of Myths and Legends: The War of Horus and Set.
The story of Set, Horus, and the overthrow and resurrection of Osiris has survived for over four thousand years and still influences stories today. This edition retells the original story in modern language, explaining how the story developed over time, while delving into the historical events of Ancient Egypt that inspired and affected the myth.


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Long ago the brother gods Osiris and Set ruled peacefully over the lands of Upper and Lower Egypt, each in his own kingdom. But over time Set came to covet his brother's lands and crown, and eventually the temptation overwhelmed him. Usurping Osiris's throne, Set began a blood feud that spread war, death and mutilation through both the heavens and the earth. Gods and men chose sides and took up arms on behalf of both Set and Horus, the heir of Osiris. This book retells the mythic struggle between Horus and Set, exploring the variations and background to the feud, and examining the earthly realities that inspired, or reflected, the actions and allegiances of the Gods, such as the political rivalries between the two kingdoms, and the invasion of Egypt by Cambyses II. Ancient Egyptian weapons and strategies are also examined, showing how their gods and men did battle.

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Author McIntee, David A.
Format PB
Series Title Myths and Legends
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Number of Pages 80
Illustrations 2 col
Publish Date 7/05/2013
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