New Guinea Impatiens.

Banner, Warren and Klopmeyer, Michael.

Picture of New Guinea Impatiens.
These plants are very popular and this advises the gardener on all aspects of their cultivation and care, including pest and disease identification and management. These bedding plants, though thirsty, can tolerate a lot of shade which is useful in some positions in the garden. Though this is written for the American grower, the information is also good for here.


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Growers can increase their success with one of the most popular segments of today's bedding plant market through this detailed guide. A complete information source for New Guinea impatiens, this book includes information on plant culture, pest and disease management, postproduction care, and garden care.

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Author Banner, Warren and Klopmeyer, Michael.
Format PB
Publisher Ball Publishing
Imprint Ball Publishing
Number of Pages 288
Illustrations illustrations
Publish Date 1995/06/01
Catalogue Jul16
Catalogue book number 118