No Fond Return of Love.

Pym, Barbara.

Picture of No Fond Return of Love.
Provides a splendid introduction to Pym's work. Shy, diffident Dulcie Mainwaring is always helping others. When her friend becomes besotted with the handsome Dr. Alwyn Forbes, Dulcie tries to help Viola's love affair a little. But Alwyn prefers Dulcie's pretty young niece. Then Dulcie finds herself attracted to Alwyn too. Pym has 'a unique eye and ear for the small poignancies and comedies of everyday life…'


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Dulcie Mainwearing is always helping others, but never looks out for herself - especially in the realm of love. Her friend Viola is besotted by the alluring Dr Aylwin Forbes, so surely it isn't prying if Dulcie helps things along? Aylwin, however, is smitten by Dulcie's pretty young niece. And perhaps Dulcie herself, however ridiculous it may be, is falling, just a little, for Aylwin. Once life's little humiliations are played out, maybe love will be returned, and fondly, after all . . .

Book Details

Author Pym, Barbara.
Format PB
Series Title VMC
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Virago Press Ltd
Number of Pages 304
Publish Date 15/01/2009
Catalogue ER018
Catalogue book number 775