On a Canadian Day: Nine Story Voyages Through History.

Arato, Rona.

Picture of On a Canadian Day: Nine Story Voyages Through History.
These nine fictional boys and girls help us understand the history of Canada. Each day is a pivotal moment in Canadian history and we see it through the eyes of a child who was there. Rich details of daily life are included, from the Plains Indians, the Habitants, the Pioneers, the Underground Railroad, the young city of Toronto, Immigrants, Dustbowl farmers, Japanese internees and Vietnamese refugees. Very good.


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What better way for a young reader to truly understand another time than to get an intimate look at the daily life of another child? In "On a Canadian Day" Rona Arato introduces nine engaging children, using their stories to place young readers perfectly in nine pivotal moments in history. The book begins with the story of an Aboriginal boy on the Great Plains in 1680 as he prepares for his first buffalo hunt. From there, readers learn about a pioneer girl's day sugaring off, a boy's journey fleeing to Canada via the Underground Railroad, and more. Following each story is a photo essay that explores the era through archival images from the period. Together, the stories and essays present young readers with unparalleled snapshots of life in other places and times.

Book Details

Author Arato, Rona.
Format 93
Publisher Maple Tree Press
Imprint Maple Tree Press
Number of Pages 93
Illustrations colour illustrations, maps
Publish Date 2010/02/01
Catalogue August 2015
Catalogue book number 87