On Ecstasy.

Kosky, Barrie.

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Barrie Kosky has created work for the Australian Opera, the Sydney Theatre Company, the Malthouse, the Melbourne International Festival and Elision. In 1996, he was the artistic director of the Adelaide Festival, a festival widely regarded as one of the best cultural events ever staged in Australia. He traces his emerging sense of ecstasy from the pleasures of his grandmother’s chicken soup to incipient homoerotic compulsion.


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My polish grandmother made a chicken soup like no other chicken soup. To this day, it has, to my knowledge and expereince, never been bettered ... Her chicken soup was the Caravaggio of soups. The Rainer Marie Rilke of soups. The Artwo Benedett Michelangeli of soups. A compelling and entertaining stoyteller, Barrie Kosky explores the feelings of intense joy and delight, as well as the power and terror that is ecstasy. MUP's Little Books on Big Themes series pairs leading Australian thinkers and cultural figures with some of the big themes in life.

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Author Kosky, Barrie.
Format HC
Publisher Melbourne University Press
Imprint Melbourne University Press
Number of Pages 96
Publish Date 1/08/2008
Catalogue May19
Catalogue book number 270