On the Go! Activities.

Picture of On the Go! Activities.
These activities all concern travel, transportation and places to go. Complete a maze to help a lost pizza delivery man, play a matching game with road signs, unscramble words to discover the name of a famous landmark. The perfect companion for the car, plane, bus or train.


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This lively selection of fast-paced activities paves the highway to fun. There are mazes that guide a princess to her castle, a mail truck that needs to get to the post office, and more. Plus, travel-related crosswords, word games, connect-the-dots, and find-the-difference pictures are great for kids on the go. Color the pages when complete!

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Format 320
Series Title Dover Little Activity Books
Publisher Dover Publications Inc.
Imprint Dover Publications Inc.
Number of Pages 320
Illustrations illustrations
Catalogue July 2015
Catalogue book number 110