Petrulus Hirrutus: Der Struwwelpeter.

Hoffmann, Henricus.

Picture of Petrulus Hirrutus: Der Struwwelpeter.
German psychiatrist Henrich Hoffmann's 1845 Der Struwwelpeter (‘Shockheaded Peter’) consists of ten moral tales for young children, with the dire consequences of disobedience made all too clear. When a boy can't stop sucking his thumbs, a tailor cuts them off with scissors. A little girl who plays with matches is burned to ashes. And Saint Nicholas catches three children making fun of a dark-skinned boy, so he dips the offenders in ink. This classic is in Latin with the original German text in an enclosed booklet. Fritz Kredel's cheerfully macabre illustrations are entertaining and unforgettable. A great way to brush up on your Latin.


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Book Details

Author Hoffmann, Henricus.
Format HC
Publisher Olms - Weildmann, Hildesheim
Publish Date 0/01/1900
Catalogue May19
Catalogue book number 214