Phobias or The Way of the Worrier.

Weinberg, Tim.

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The author has a phobia himself, so is qualified to write about them he believes. He names and discusses more phobias than you ever knew existed, such as agoraphobia and other social phobias (70 or so); phobias to do with animals, people and so on e.g. canophobia - fear of dogs and isopterophobia - fear of termites; phobias to do with nature, injury and situations e.g. xanthophobia - fear of yellow; phobias to do with art, sciences and the body; emotions and philosophy; and religion and superstition.


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We all know people who have a fear of flying (aviophobia) or heights (altophobia) or darkness (achluophobia) or thunder (tonitrophobia) or pain (agliophobia). Besides these common phobias, there are many more, some of which are quite bizarre, such as coulrophobia (fear of clowns), venustraphobia (fear of beautiful women), consecotaleophobia (fear of chopsticks) and pentheraphobia (fear of mother-in-laws). The list grows larger each year.This engagingly written and fascinating book examines the whole world of phobias. To many people who don't suffer from them, phobias are a complete mystery. For many who suffer from a phobia, they continue living their lives without quite understanding this extreme and irrational part of their character. Tim Weinberg looks at the range of phobias - from common to bizarre. He examines the scientific and psychological research that have been undertaken in order to make sense of this strange world. And he takes the reader on his own personal journey in overcoming his fear of heights.

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Author Weinberg, Tim.
Publish Date 1900/01/00
Catalogue August 2015
Catalogue book number 390