Piano Magic Pieces: Book 2.

Sebba, Jane et al (eds.).

Picture of Piano Magic Pieces: Book 2.
Teaches the beginner the written notes from Middle C down to F in the left hand and up to G in the right plus the two Cs an octave above and below. The solo pieces are lively and varied. Exercises and tunes include I’ve Got Sixpence, Winter, Ants Build A Nest, Little Brown Jug, Animal Fair

, and Variations on Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star



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Book two of a collection of solo piano pieces designed to support the young beginner progressing through "Piano Magic Tutor Books 1 and 2. It follows the technical path of the tutor and is designed to encourage independence at the keyboard as well as provide extra material for "tricky corners".

Book Details

Author Sebba, Jane et al (eds.).
Format PB
Series Title Piano Magic
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Imprint A & C Black Music
Number of Pages 24
Publish Date 28/01/2000
Catalogue Mar19
Catalogue book number 240